Reston, VA



Completed 1990

The Appalachian Spring stores​, this is the third in the Washington area, provide "high level American crafts to an increasingly discerning clientele." The 2100 sq. ft. store in the planned city community is long and linear in plan with one entrance to the street and another adjoining the Hyatt Hotel lobby.

"The primary design concept was to create a powerful sense of motion and direction - connecting both entrances while focusing attention on a number of different types of crafts." The area was effectively broken up and divided by a complex ceiling composition that used back lit fabric "vaults," steps and arches and a series of colorful pendants - all in conjunction with the detailing of the custom designed and built casework. Light wood veneers were used on some of thee floor cases and the light colored walls and perimeter units all tend to open up the space. 

The designers succeeded in their goal - "to create a space that was just as inspired and well crafted as the work that it displays."

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