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Person/Site-Specific Design

Edward Fleming, Architect<>Sculptor 3342 Bell Street New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119 t: 504-377-8398 ~ e: efa@cybermesa.com i: https://www.edwardflemingarchitect.com ~ http://edwardfleming.net Concept for person/site-specific design:                                                                                 Copyright, Edward Fleming, 2021                                                                                                               (2 pages) Every person has a direct connection to a time of day or night and a season of the year, by virtue of their birthday and time …

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Eldorado Animal Clinic

Marble, Sculptor and Sculpture

Marble, Sculptor and Sculpture Copyright 2022 Edward Fleming (two pages)   A marble sculpture, no matter how dynamic, can appear to be a solitary, inanimate object. But in fact, the marble itself originates from an abundance of life and the journey through geology to gallery is epic. Once you’ve heard this story, you will never …

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gaias daughter

How a Sculptor thinks

How a Sculptor thinks                                                                                                               Edward Fleming 4.7.22   Historically, the word Sculptor has referred to an artist or artisan who carved stone, as opposed to modeling clay or fabricating other media. From the perspective of architecture and design, this is an important distinction and is just as relevant today as it was a thousand years …

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