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Why Architectural Services pay for themselves

Completing the journey from your design dream to walking through the
finished building for the first time can be thrilling. And the process of getting
there is challenging. There are so many different, interconnected aspects to a
building that a well-conceived design and methodical approach to solving how
everything fits and works together is critical for a successful project.


Building design and construction are complex disciplines but when you’re
considering the cost of hiring an Architect there is a relatively simple way to
look at this. Well executed design and thorough drawings are integral to
providing a building that is constructed as designed and within your budget.
Without that level of quality and attention to detail, the potential for
misunderstandings and mistakes that affect cost and how well the building
functions is high if not inevitable. Some of those mistakes may not be
correctable and the cost of others can be prohibitive.


Once the building design is completed, the Construction Documents that
follow become part of your contract with your Builder. Those drawings are
both the book of directions for construction and part of a legal document.
So, coordination and attention to detail is critically important for everyone.


By investing a relatively small percentage of the project cost in services
provided by an experienced Architect, you are not only preventing expensive
mistakes, you are also ensuring that what is built meets your needs and
expectations. That aspect is priceless.