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Passionate Architect, Builder, and Sculptor in New Orleans, LA

Our built environment deeply affects our collective psyche, and to the extent we pay attention to this subtle reality, the more positive effect we can have on our individual lives and society in general. This is what motivates us at Edward Fleming, Architect. We are a highly skilled team of Architects, Designers, Engineers, and Contractors committed to creating your building project as a work of art. Historically, the definition of the word Architect means someone who is also both a master Builder and master Sculptor. Our principal Architect, Edward Fleming, has over 40 years of experience mastering these 3 professions, resulting in unique and unparalleled creations. We provide architectural services in the greater New Orleans, LA area and look forward to working with you.

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We Transform Buildings Into Art

Our team believes in the culture of collaboration, bringing together fascinating and distinguished results. We think of our projects as exciting journeys. We’re inspired by what you ask and let our creative and skilled hands do the work. Our team specializes in residential architecture, historic restoration, religious architecture, and affordable housing projects.

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Discover Our Design Philosophy

As with any voyage, if you’re sailing with an experienced, skillful crew, the passage from an initial idea to its physical reality can be delightful and rewarding.

You can rely on us to provide excellent architectural design, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. We immerse ourselves into a deep understanding of the people who will use the space as well as the surrounding natural and built environments. Our trained and knowledgeable team has mastery of architectural design, engineering, materials, construction methods, cost engineering, communication, and collaboration. With all this as our foundation, we ensure exceptional results. You can contact us for your project in New Orleans, LA.

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