New, approximately 5,000 square-foot residence perched on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Potomac River. 


New, approximately 5,000 square-foot residence cantilevered over edge of a ravine overlooking a small stream on a densely wooded site. The geometry of the building relates to the axis of a natural waterfall across the ravine, sun exposure and the existing trees.


New, approximately 6,500 square-foot residence at crest of 75' rise overlooking about eight acres of pasture land below. This is an unusual site for the Washington area and reminded me of the expansiveness of the Southwestern United States. 

Works in Progress

Annunciation Street

New Orleans, Louisiana

3. Annunciation. construction.3.jpg
This is one of the few remaining, iconic corner store/residences in New Orleans. Built in the late 1800’s, the building has gone through many changes, including the store appearing, disappearing and reappearing over the decades. The current store section of the building is from the early-to-mid 1900’s and is in reasonably good condition. Some parts of the residence are in a state of collapse while others are suffering from neglect with termites, trees and vines thriving and growing through the structure. The new design preserves the corner store and completely transforms the residence: widening it, adding a second floor, galleries and courtyard. The intention is to honor the historic neighborhood architecture and we are working closely with the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission. Construction should begin late winter, 2020.

Green Cemetery


New Mexico

Oak Street

New Orleans,


Green Cemetery.5.jpg
This project is one aspect of a much larger, roughly 15,000-acre development and land conservation initiative called the Galisteo Basin Preserve (GBP). It's a fascinating story and more information is available here: www.galisteobasinpreserve.com 
A “green” cemetery differs from traditional cemeteries in that it is based on the principle of land conservation. Instead of traditional burial practices, the deceased quite literally return to the earth. Above ground, the land remains essentially in its natural (or restored) state. Although this is a relatively new concept in the United States it is increasingly becoming the preferred choice among environmentally conscious individuals and families. If you’re interested in learning more, here is detailed information: https://www.greenburialcouncil.org/. Since 2004, I’ve designed a number of different projects for the GBP both as a Sculptor and Architect. The Green Cemetery project is the most recent and in addition to the cemetery, includes an amphitheater, formal garden/sculpture space, a ceremonial or gathering building as well as landscaping, parking and other utilitarian aspects. The initial design phase began in 2013 and we are now into design development as we finalize land planning with the County. The scale and natural beauty of the Galisteo Basin is breathtaking both in the landscape and the clear New Mexico sky above. The Earth-Sky connection and celestially-based design has been a significant part of most of the projects I’ve designed for the GBP including the Green Cemetery.
1. IMG_2003.jpg
What you see in this photo is a classic New Orleans “shotgun” house dating to the late 19th century, roughly 900 sf. The new design is substantial, adding about 1,700 sf of new space and completely restoring the existing area. The design intention is to follow and respect the existing historic architecture while creating a fully modern residence. On this project I worked in collaboration with the owner who is an artist and designer herself.