About Us

My name is Edward Fleming, I am an Architect, Sculptor and Builder with over 40 years of experience in three-dimensional design. I have deep experience in historic restoration and construction, including general contracting and hands-on skills in many of the building trades. 


Over these four decades, I have built several successful businesses and have traveled, worked, and lived around the world. I believe that I’m able to offer a synthesis of experience as an Architect, Builder, and Sculptor, something which historically has been the role and definition of the word Architect. I believe that our built environment deeply affects our collective psyche, and to the extent, we pay attention to this subtle reality, the more positive effect we can have on our individual lives and society in general.


I also carve and teach realistic human figurative sculpture, in addition to abstract sculpture, in marble and limestone. My work is traditional in technique and attention to anatomical detail but my subjects are contemporary. I create both self-directed and commissioned sculptures.


I chose to work in these professions because of a life-long passion for design, building, art and architecture.


Here are my current Architectural licenses and numbers:


  • Louisiana: 3146
  • Virginia: 0401005603
  • Maryland: 5626341

I work in close collaboration with 6 consultants in New Orleans: 5H Engineering, LLC for structural and civil engineering; Southern Earth Sciences, Inc. for geotechnical engineering; Pivotal Engineering, LLC for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering; Photo Scan Models, LLC for AutoCAD drafting, photogrammetry, and three-dimensional modeling; Gilbert, Kelly & Couturie, Inc. and, R.W. Krebbs, LLC for surveying. In addition, I work closely with local contractors and building panelization fabricators for both construction, value-engineering and cost estimating services. 


Together we design and build a variety of building types from large and small residential renovations and additions to new homes, commercial, business, retail and religious projects. I have similar collaborations in Washington, DC; Virginia; Maryland; New Mexico; Colorado and Oregon and can provide similar professional services in other states depending on the project.

Architectural Service Outline  

For most projects, my services are divided into four different phases that follow and build upon each other. These are Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Document, and Construction Administration phases. Depending on the project, it’s not always necessary for me to complete or participate in all the phases, so my services can range from the full menu to à la carte. The following is an outline of those phases and information on fees. To learn more about my service outlines, click here.

See our Service Outline to Get an In-depth Understanding of Our Process