Affordable Housing Projects in New Orleans, LA

Our Architect Edward Fleming leads the initiative for an affordable housing project building system in New Orleans, LA.

Affordable housing is a cultural levee. Our goal is to create genuinely affordable housing projects that preserves our City’s heritage and culture. We are developing an affordable building system initiative that can help keep New Orleans real. By combining high-tech panelized, modular and traditional field-built construction, we can create new affordable homes reflecting our historic architecture, meeting all codes and ordinances while providing education, employment, and business opportunities in New Orleans.

Affordable Housing Design and Building Concept

New Orleans is a densely built city. In many of the older neighborhoods, the average lot is about 30-feet wide. This is largely why the traditional “shotgun” home became so prevalent here, a building type that is one of the most space-efficient residential designs there is. For over two centuries, people have found increasingly creative ways to make these linear houses more functional and comfortable. They remain an iconic form that around the world has become symbolic of New Orleans.

New panelized and modular construction systems can produce high-quality wood or metal buildings. Depending on the project and in combination with field-build construction methods, the result is as solid and elegant as a traditionally built home. However, the project can be completed faster, with a higher level of quality control, and at considerably less cost than traditional “stick-built” construction. The completed home will be fully compliant with all building codes, zoning ordinances, and Historic Commission regulations.

Learn More About Our Projects Now

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our affordable housing projects in New Orleans, LA, consider contacting us today. Request more information by calling (504) 377-8398  now and schedule the first meeting at no cost!

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