Design Philosophy

As with any voyage, if you’re sailing with an experienced, skillful crew, the passage from an initial idea to its physical reality can be delightful and rewarding. 

Excellent architectural design, regardless of the size or complexity of a project and in addition to the creative skill of the designer, demands close attention to many aspects. From a deep understanding of the people who will use the space to the surrounding natural and built environments, a successful building requires a mastery of materials, construction methods, cost engineering, communication, and collaboration. A qualified architect has all these abilities and more. 

I listen very carefully to what my clients tell me they need in a project and take the necessary time to gather information, fitting together a multi-dimensional puzzle, making sure everyone is in agreement on the design parameters. I don’t follow any particular style of architecture but rather create design solutions that reflect the people and places that are, in fact, the design foundation. I believe that our built environment deeply affects our collective psyche and to the extent we pay attention to this subtle reality, the more positive effect we can have on our individual lives and society in general. 


I’ve learned that the best way to achieve this goal is through collaboration between the Client, the Architect, and the Builder so that all three are co-authors of the project design. My practical approach is to develop drawings gradually as our collective understanding of needs, function, and form, materials, and budget comes into focus. There is a continuous feedback loop between these elements requiring many adjustments to keep the design intention in place. Once the design is solved, I essentially build the project on paper or screen, thinking through and solving all the issues of the actual construction well before any building begins on the site. So by the time the construction starts, everyone involved is highly informed and surprises, delays, and extra costs are minimized.