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Dialog and Subtle Design

One of my favorite professors in Architecture School was always encouraging us to pay close attention to any built environment we might find ourselves in, how it affected our mood and perceptions and most importantly, why.   From landscapes and streetscapes to the inside and outside of buildings, our built environment affects us in obvious …

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Design Development and Construction Documents weighing the values

Design Development and Construction Documents: weighing the values

My Outline of Architectural Services describes the different phases of professional services that I offer. For context, please review the Design Development and Construction Document sections. Some of my clients decline the Design Development (DD) phase, primarily as a way to reduce fees. In the long-run, that usually doesn’t actually save money since the preplanning …

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Estimating Construction Costs

The greatest building design is meaningless if it’s not buildable. So, from the beginning and as the design evolves, paying close attention to the budget and the cost of construction is critical for a successful project. The best way I know to do this is by creating a collaboration between the Owner, a qualified Builder …

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The Value of Digital Modeling

It’s one thing to look at a floor plan (and other 2-dimensional drawings) and another thing entirely to clearly see what your new home or building will look like. When compared to the blueprints that launched its construction, it can be surprising how differently a completed building actually looks. Depending on your expectations, sometimes that …

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Person/Site-Specific Design

Edward Fleming, Architect<>Sculptor 3342 Bell Street New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119 t: 504-377-8398 ~ e: efa@cybermesa.com i: https://www.edwardflemingarchitect.com ~ http://edwardfleming.net Concept for person/site-specific design:                                                                                 Copyright, Edward Fleming, 2021                                                                                                               (2 pages) Every person has a direct connection to a time of day or night and a season of the year, by virtue of their birthday and time …

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Marble, Sculptor and Sculpture

Marble, Sculptor and Sculpture Copyright 2022 Edward Fleming (two pages)   A marble sculpture, no matter how dynamic, can appear to be a solitary, inanimate object. But in fact, the marble itself originates from an abundance of life and the journey through geology to gallery is epic. Once you’ve heard this story, you will never …

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How a Sculptor thinks

How a Sculptor thinks                                                                                                               Edward Fleming 4.7.22   Historically, the word Sculptor has referred to an artist or artisan who carved stone, as opposed to modeling clay or fabricating other media. From the perspective of architecture and design, this is an important distinction and is just as relevant today as it was a thousand years …

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