Agios Antonios

New Residence, Agios Antonios, Greece


In late 2015 my wife, Sherry, and I were invited to participate as artists in the first Greek Marble Initiative sculpture symposium near Thessaloniki, Greece. During that time we were offered an opportunity to trade some of our sculpture for land. We didn’t hesitate and now own about 3 acres with a large olive orchard in a serene valley near the village of Agios Antonios. The village has a rich history and the people there have adopted us as their own. This has been a remarkable experience.


Our land is 3 minutes from Agios Antonios and a 15-minute drive from to Aegean Sea. And on a clear day you can see Mt. Olympus from our site. We are also 30minutes from Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece and 20 minutes from an international airport. We are in the process of designing and organizing construction of a new residence with the intention of living and working there part of the year. This location and experience has led to further Sculpture and Architecture projects both in Greece and nearby Western Turkey